OLGR “Behind The Bar” RSA Training videos


OLGR have recently released an on-line training tool – responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training videos to see real-life depictions of unduly intoxicated patrons attempting to be served liquor. Shown from the perspective of the bartender, several different scenarios play out, showing the do’s and don’ts of refusal of service.

Use these videos as part of staff induction and refresher training at your licensed venue or organisation. When the pause sign appears on screen, pause the video for group discussion. Click on the ‘discussion’ links below each of the videos for discussion points around tips and tricks on how to handle each of the situations.

You can also download Behind the Bar refusal of service signs and LCD images to display at your venue.

You should be familiar with the procedures your venue has in place to deal with situations where you need to refuse service. Talk to your licensee or approved manager if you’re not sure.

Test your knowledge again by taking the unduly intoxicated patrons and the responsible service of alcohol online refresher course and quiz.


You canĀ VIEW THE training videos and discussion points on the OLGR Website.


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