My Life, My Decision, My Responsibility

Turning 18 is an exciting and long anticipated time for most young people.

In Australian culture turning 18 brings with it a number of responsibilities such as the ability to vote and the legal age to drink alcohol and enter licensed premises. Coincidentally, around this time, many young people will attain a driver’s license. This mixture can often be the catalyst for disaster.

This program is designed to provide young people with factual information in relation to the expectations, responsibilities and realities associated with these new social situations and will be delivered by the people in the industry; the people that they will deal with face to face and if things go wrong.

CALM Sunshine Coast has identified changing the drinking culture of young people as a priority and this program is just one way that licensees partnering with local and state government agencies can contribute to this process.

 Increase a young persons awareness of:

  • appropriate behaviours in and around licensed venues;
  • consequences of excessive drinking and inappropriate behaviour in and around licensed venues;
  • expectations venue managers have for patrons in their venues;
  • regulations and requirements placed on the liquor industry and venue managers to uphold the law and provide safe environments for patrons and staff;
  • planning a social night out with friends and arriving home safely;
  • programs, initiatives, and services available for patrons of licensed venues.

The Aim

The aim of this program is to encourage young people to develop personal responsibility for their behaviour in and around licensed premises and assist young people in making informed decisions associated with planning for a safe return home.

In a two hour school based, interactive session, Industry representatives will speak openly about the ramifications and consequences to not only young people personally but also their friends and loved ones as well as the ‘hidden’ impact and cost to the community that intoxicated and anti­social behavior causes.

The session focus is around “Planning a Night Out”. The information content will look at informed decisions on planning a night out addressing the following:

  • Consequences of Drinking & Driving
  • Perspectives of Young People
  • Anti­social behaviour / Street Offences
  • Rights and responsibilities as adults
  • Consequences and the Law
  • Drugs & Alcohol – liquor related offences
  • Traffic Regulations & Road Safety
  • Outreach services
  • How to get home & the Drink Safe program
  • Excessive drinking and drink spiking awareness
  • Effects on the community
  • Venue operations, restrictions and regulations
  • Licensee responsibilities and duty of care
  • Patron responsibilities

In December 2007, CALM Mooloolaba was launched with the aim to deliver a ‘collaborative approach to liquor management’ (CALM) between Mooloolaba licensees, Queensland Police Service, State and Local Government. Following on from the success of CALM Mooloolaba, 6 more liquor accords have been established under the banner of CALM Sunshine Coast. Council continues to work pro­actively to create peaceful and safer communities across the region by collaborating with local traders, State Government agencies and other partners to develop and improve liquor accords on the Sunshine Coast. The Accords are voluntary agreements between local stakeholders who are committed to minimising harm associated with liquor use, reducing alcohol­related antisocial behaviour and improving the safety and amenity at a local level that in turn benefits the entire region. What are the Benefits?

  • A safer and more welcoming environment
  • Improved compliance with liquor licensing laws
  • Reduced alcohol­related violence, anti­social behaviour and crime
  • Reduced under­age drinking
  • Increased community awareness and understanding of the extent and impacts of intoxication
  • Improved business environment
  • Enhanced local reputations for licensees involved

Constructive working relationships between licensees, Council officers, patrons, residents, State Government agencies and the Queensland Police Service.

More information on this program can be obtained from: Sunshine Coast Council Community Programs Manager Locked Bag 72 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre QLD 4560
Phone: 07 5475 7272 E­

You can also download the pdf in Here

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The CALM (Collaborative Approach to Liquor Management) Sunshine Coast Liquor Accord sets clear standards and guidelines that are applied in conjunction with Responsible Service of Alcohol Code of Practice.

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