The CALM Liquor Accord offers important coordination and resources to enable our community to better manage the delivery of Alcohol Services in the Sunshine Coast region.

What is a Liquor Accord?

Liquor Accords are voluntary industry-based partnerships. Partners work in a local community to identify and implement practical solutions to liquor-related problems.  They reach agreements on ways to improve the operation of licensed venues so that venues and precincts are safe and enjoyable.

All liquor accords across the Sunshine Coast region are members of the CALM program. The CALM Sunshine Coast Liquor Accord, incorporating seven local CALM committees, outlines a co-operative and collaborative approach to liquor management across the sunshine coast and in local liquor accord areas.

Who can set up an Accord?

There are no restrictions preventing any person setting up an Accord but obviously the person or group must be associated with a liquor licensee or a stakeholder agency, eg. local branch of an industry association, licensees, Local or State government.

Membership of a CALM liquor accord indicates that the licensee adopts the 12 principles outlined in the accord booklet and the 12 principles form the Licensee Code of Conduct.

Who normally participates in an Accord?

The CALM Accords have participants from all sections of the community. This includes liquor industry participants, brewers, hotels, registered clubs, restaurants, cafes, and any other licensed premises. The accords also include representatives of Community and welfare groups, officers of the Office of Liquor, Gaming Regulation, the Queensland Police, Queensland Health, Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Sunshine Coast Council.

How much time is involved?

If you join an accord you will be required for 4 local general meetings per annum.  If you take on an executive position within the committee, you will also be required at attend the CALM Sunshine Coast meetings (3 per year).  Meetings generally last no more than two hours each.

Do I have to join an Accord if I am a licensee?

Currently, participating in an Accord is voluntary. However, it is best practice to participate in an Accord and the benefits to the community and your own business usually offset any perceived inconvenience in participating. For liquor licence holders, membership of a local Accord show they are committed to improving the amenity and compliance attached to their licence. It also shows a commitment to a common goal of minimising harm.

How are accords funded?

Maintaining and managing an accord is not expensive. Quite often a small subscription from participants will easily fund the accord. The Accord may receive special funding from a stakeholder agency or sponsorship from an industry group.  Currently there are no membership fees charged to be a part of the CALM liquor accords.

How can my venue or organisation become involved in the CALM accords?

For more information or to become a member, please contact the CALM Sunshine Coast Coordinator on enquiries@calmsc.com.au or by phoning 07 5441 8282.

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