Educate Legislate

Educate and Legislate is an initiative of Urban E Learning and the Australian Medical Association to deliver free information to Australian School children.

We see Year nine as the critical year in the formation of youth attitudes to alcohol. Educators have advised us that year eight is too early for this program, although if there clear parental and school support for year eight awareness, we would be prepared to consider such an initiative.

In recent years there has been a significant shift in the community attitude and in government strategy for dealing with alcohol in the community. This initiative supports that change with a delivery strategy aimed at our young people before they:

  • become drivers – but while they are still at risk as a passenger
  • go to pubs – but while they are still at risk at parties or their friend’s home
  • start work – but will be at risk with older employees or their employer
  • become professional athletes – but will be at risk with older players
  • start career opportunities – but will be limited by exploitation of social media by more sophisticated users of Facebook and Twitter, etc
  • start adult life – with health complicated by diabetes

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