The 12 Principles

Responsible Service of Alcohol

  1. No Unduly Intoxicated Patrons.   Not serve alcohol to, or allow entry of, persons who are unduly intoxicated.
  2. No Underage Drinking.  Strictly enforce the minimum age for consumption of alcohol.
  3. Discourage Activities That Encourage Drinking Excessively.  Discourage activities that encourage rapid or excessive consumption of liquor.
  4. Not Promote Or Sell Alcoholic Beverages That May Encourage Rapid Or Excessive Consumption Of Liquor
  5. Promote Non or Low Alcohol Beverages and Food.  Actively promote and make available reasonably priced bottled water, non-alcoholic or low alcohol beverages, snacks and food at all times.

Improve Safety and Security

  1. Maintain Proper Standards of Behaviour.  Actively monitor the behaviour of patrons to detect early signs of intoxication or inappropriate behaviour.
  2. Maintain Safety and Security.  Nightclubs and other such venues will maintain security throughout the premises and at entries and exits.  Other liquor outlets such as restaurants, bottle shops etc will take measures necessary to ensure the safety of their premises and surrounding amenity.

Committed to the wellbeing of Our Community

  1. Maintain Records of Incidents and have good Communication with Police.  Take all necessary steps to reduce disruptive activities of the premises and its patrons.
  1. Improve the Local Amenity.  Respect and take all necessary steps to improve the local amenity.
  1. Patron Responsibility.  Insist on the responsibility of patrons to respect the law, particularly in regard to their behaviour and the responsible drinking of alcohol.

Cooperate with the Police and the Community to Improve Local Outcomes

  1. Ensure All Staff Are Trained.  Ensure all staff is fully trained in the responsible serving of alcohol as well as the principles and practices of the accord.
  1. Actively Monitor and Promote the Accord and Liaise Appropriately with Other Agencies.  Actively participate in promoting the accord, its principles and strategies.   Establish good communication with police, monitor the outcomes of the accord and maintain accurate records when an incident occurs.

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