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CALM, the Collaborative Approach to Liquor Management, is a voluntary industry-based partnership (also known as a liquor accord) that aims to find practical solutions to alcohol-related issues.

The CALM (Collaborative Approach to Liquor Management) Sunshine Coast Liquor Accord sets clear standards and guidelines that are applied in conjunction with Responsible Service of Alcohol Code of Practice.

The Accord is based on 12 principles which were developed collaboratively and in partnership with local liquor providers, State and Local Government, other agencies and local businesses and was first implemented in Mooloolaba in 2007.

The success of this partnership has since seen the number of CALM accords on the Sunshine Coast increase to seven and the establishment of the regional CALM Sunshine Coast Committee.

As each local area is unique and subsequently can face very different issues, the establishment of local CALM liquor accords at Caloundra, Hinterland, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Nambour, Noosa and the Maroochy North Shore enables local issues to be dealt with by local people.

CALM Sunshine Coast has a focus on regional trends and was established to provide an avenue for the Chair and Deputy Chair of each local accord to work together with State and Local Governments and other agencies to discuss local and regional liquor-related issues and successes.

The collaborative partnership of CALM accords ensures the commitment of stakeholders to implement consistent strategies, working towards the common goal of safe and responsible alcohol sale and consumption.

The Sunshine Coast is a major tourism and hospitality centre providing for local residents and visitors from across Australia and the world due to its diverse environment.  The goal of the CALM Sunshine Coast liquor accord is to enhance community safety and wellbeing across the region through the development of and commitment to strategies and initiatives focused on alcohol harm minimisation.

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