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Update on approved operators

*”Last year the Safe Night Out Legislation Amendment Act 2014 was passed to support a comprehensive range of initiatives to address violence, anti-social behaviour and safety issues around licensed venues in Queensland.

This resulted in a number of changes for licensees. In particular, licensees who are approved to trade past 12 midnight on a permanent basis in a Safe Night Precinct (‘regulated premises’) will soon be required to operate an approved ID scanner that is linked to an approved ID scanning system, unless they are of a category considered low risk or if the licensee is of an exempt class.

If you are a licensee located in a Safe Night Precinct you may be required to install and operate a networked ID scanner at your licensed premises once the legislation comes into effect. At this stage it is likely that the legislation will have effect from 1 July 2015.

If you are required to install an ID scanner, from 1 July 2015, you must not allow a person to enter the premises after 10pm unless their photo ID is scanned and the scan indicates they are not subject to a banning order for the premises. The networked ID scanner will cross check a person’s identification against a database with information about individuals who are subject to a Queensland Police Service (QPS) ban or a court ban.

If required to obtain an approved ID scanner, you will need to contract an ‘approved operator’, or the supplier of approved equipment as published on the website referred to below. An approved operator is an approved third party who maintains and operates the systems in which banning information, provided by the QPS and courts, is received and transmitted to each of the regulated licensees.

The Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming has recently approved the first approved operator and it is expected that other providers will be similarly approved in the near future. You can view the current list of approved operators here.

The OLGR is currently evaluating ID scanners and systems. Once the equipment has been found to meet the requirements, the list of approved equipment will also be published on the website.

Information and guidelines on your privacy obligations relating to the collection, storage and use of personal information associated with the operation of the mandatory ID scanner systems will be issued over the coming weeks. In the meantime, those who will be directly affected by this requirement will receive a further letter from the OLGR which also includes a fact sheet, aimed to address any questions you may have in relation to how the system works.”


*The above information has been taken from an update provided by OLGR on the 17/03/2015

Further information can also be found on the Queensland website at



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