Accords & Patron Banning

The Office of Liqour and Gaming Regulation have released a special edition of the Queensland Liquor Accords newsletter focused on Accords and Patron banning. This topic has been in discussion for many years with the CALM Sunshine Coast liquor accord and many of the local CALM accords. Please take the time to read this newsletter.

Message from Mike Sarquis (Executive Director, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation):

“Patron banning is a frequent topic of discussion for liquor accord groups and in many communities it has been successfully implemented as a way to minimise alcohol-related harm.

While I strongly encourage you to consider the use of licensee-initiated banning arrangements, it is important relevant legal principles are followed to ensure the bans are legally enforceable. As the common law right to exclude a patron resides with the licensee, to be enforceable it is important that any decision to ban a patron is made by each individual licensee and not by a liquor accord.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on the case, Owens v Normanton Liquor Accord & Ors, OLGR has decided to dedicate a special edition of our newsletter to the subject of licensee-initiated patron bans.

To enable you to consider any current and future banning initiatives used by the accord or its members in association with the relevant legal principles, the following outlines the issues and the resulting decision of this case.”

To view more of the the Queensland Liquor Accords Newsletter “Special Edition” select the HTML link. OLGR Website:

Topics include: Owens v Normanton Liquor Accord & Ors:The case and the Supreme Court decision” &Legal implications and harm minimisation”.

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